Thursday, 17 May 2012

Community Restoration Action Plan


District to clean up its Act in time for Jubolympics

Wycombe District Council will be delivering a six point Community Restoration Action Plan to all residents in the next two weeks. The initiative has been applauded by the Big Society Network and other councils will be watching our district closely with a view to rolling out the scheme nationwide.

Despite the Olympic torch route avoiding High Wycombe and Marlow, the powers that be are keen to make sure that the district is spic and span ready for the 2012 celebrations this summer.

Volunteers from each of the 32 wards have been appointed to implement the plan in their area. They will be visiting every household and assigning tasks to ensure that every road and street will be maintained to the highest standard according to the core values outlined in the Action Plan. These co-ordinators will also be familiarising residents with the new “Shop a Neighbour Scheme”.

The HWTCP will co-ordinate efforts in the Town Centre, continuing on from their sterling work installing the flower beds in Frogmoor. * see the bottom of this article for exciting news of their plans for the Autumn.
The Bucks Freedom Press wishes them every success.

Tools by liftarn - Some tools. A hammer, a screwdriver and a wrench.

Traced from an image found at by Anonymous - A set of hedgeshears from Benji Park. From old OCAL site.


Maintenance of road surface

Untidy Gardens/Verges

Dirty or Damaged Road/Street signage

Dirty vehicles




1. Maintenance of road surface 

a)  Asphalt repair kits will be delivered to each designated “potholer”. The kits will come with everything you need to complete the repair, including full instructions, the necessary tools and materials. Diversion signs will also be available.
b)  Paint will be delivered in two colours: white and yellow. Paintbrushes will also be provided.

2. Untidy Gardens/Verges

Each household will be responsible for maintaining weed free gardens, neatly trimmed bushes and manicured lawns. They will also take over maintenance of the verges outside their homes.

The elderly, disabled and anyone with a plausible excuse will be exempt. In these instances, volunteers from our neighbours at the Berkshire College of Agriculture and also the Hughenden Manor Study Centre will be drafted in to tidy the gardens. For a small fee, Marketing Force, the UK’s market leader in roundabout sponsorship and roundabout advertising, has kindly agreed to offer an upgrade service in conjunction with Dreams. A limited number of petunias, marigolds, salvias and geraniums are available.



3. Dirty or Damaged Road/Street signage



An “Adopt a Road Sign” scheme will be in operation. Individuals and businesses will be asked to participate. If the programme is successful it may be extended to “Adopt a Highway” similar to those run in the United States. Participants will then be able to erect their own signage, similar to those seen here:

Mr Cameron will be out with a mop and bucket
at weekends, doing "his bit" for Big Society 


Equipment provided: Buckets and mops for cleaning, secateurs to cut back foliage, screwdrivers, spanners and hammers for repairs.

 Signs include street name plates, road signs and footpath signs.

Gates which were installed at the entrance to all villages at great cost to the taxpayer are also dirty and badly maintained but it will be left to individual co-ordinators to decide on the best course of action. If any white paint is left over from (1) this can be used for sprucing up gates. Alternatively, the gates can be dismantled and used as firewood for one of the Jubilee Beacons in the area.




4. Dirty vehicles

Spot checks will be carried out by local Scout groups at roadblocks. Any vehicle failing the inspection will be given the option of an on the spot wash by the Scouts for £5. Registration numbers of those cars rejecting the offer will be checked against the central database at the DVLA. Volunteers will visit the driver’s home address after the following weekend to ensure that the vehicle is now clean.

5.  Litter

A rota will be drawn up for teams of litter pickers to accompany trained professionals each day. To encourage productivity, there will be remuneration of £1 per sack which is filled with rubbish. Litter pickers and rubbish sacks will be provided.




 6. Excrement  

CCTV will be set up at all known dog fouling areas. Offenders will be given the choice of a fine or attending dog owners’ obedience classes. The classes will cover key areas of social responsibility:

How to successfully bag it and bin it 

Controlling your dog in a public place


Training your dog to “Come” (Recall)

Please visit the Dogs Trust for further advice:

Bucks County Council Highways Department have kindly agreed to turn off all street lighting, illuminated signs and illuminated bollards so that visitors won’t notice any that have been identified as being defective due vandalism, collision damage or poor maintenance.

In a remarkable collaboration, monies saved from this exercise will be put towards a fund set up by the District Council to pay for equipment and materials needed for the Plan.

BCC have also pledged to donate the salaries of all council workers put out of work by the volunteers. In a further act of generosity it will also include a percentage of the wages of library staff that have been made redundant with the kind assistance of volunteers.

The site of the new statue

      *The Bucks Freedom Press is proud to report that a statue of Ivor Bigun, the celebrated blogger, will be erected in Frogmoor in the autumn. The students of Bucks

New University have created the sculpture from recycled rubbish in honour of his work in raising awareness of the problems the residents face in their daily lives. It will face in the direction of the empty John Hearn Shoe shop, of which Ivor is said to have many fond memories. It is not yet known if his little donkey will be accompanying him in this magnificent piece of public art.  




The Bucks Freedom Press has been unable to
 confirm rumours that Ivor will be given the
 Freedom of the Town when the statue is unveiled

The Bucks Freedom Press contacted Clive the Pigeon for his opinion. “This is marvellous news! We have been looking for a new place to perch since leaving the Parish Churchyard and this will be ideal. His finger will also give us the perfect vantage point so we can pinpoint just where our next chip is coming from.”  In a further statement he said “Me and my mates think there should be C.R.A.P.s all across the UK.

Clive is on the left

We are all for C.R.A.P.s


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