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News 19th July 2012

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Old Library Building to become Homeless Shelter

Old Library Building

In an innovative new scheme, Wycombe District Council is planning to offer homeless people employment making sandwiches for important council meetings. The work will be unpaid but councillors have pledged to open up the old library building as a homeless shelter in reward for their efforts.

The Council has spent nearly £30,000 over three years on sandwiches, snacks and drinks.  All the money saved from the "Refreshments" budget will be ploughed into maintaining the building just across the road from their offices. However, they have agreed to forgo the usual red tape and a spokesman for WDC said "Never mind Health & Safety, Rules & Regulations. What is important is that these poor, unfortunate people have a roof over their heads. Who wants to be outside in this terrible weather? We must get everyone inside and out of the rain".

The old library building has been standing empty for some time now, although the gardens are well maintained. It is hoped that local supermarkets and restaurants will donate food to feed the homeless and the councillors. Local businesses are being approached to donate surplus furniture. 

Homelessness is especially bad at this time due to unemployment, a shortage of housing and changes to the benefits system.

The Wycombe Homeless Connection runs a Winter Night Shelter between November and March, rotating between seven churches in the centre of Wycombe. However, there is no permanent year round Shelter at present.  The WHC organises drop-in sessions all year, with the help of over 250 volunteers. If you would like to help, go to for further details. Numbers referred to Wycombe Winter Night Shelter and individuals attending the drop-in sessions have both reached an all-time high.

The charity also welcomes donations, including clothing, food, bedding and household items. Check the list here to see if you can assist in any way.

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 Councils work together to remove facilities

Wycombe District Council Offices

Following complaints about noise and anti-social behaviour, Chepping Wycombe Parish Council has taken the decision to remove skate ramps from the Recreation Ground at Flackwell Heath. Wycombe District Council played a big part in this success by undertaking a noise survey at the site. Encouraged by the positive impact of the survey results, WDC are identifying other areas where they can assist with the withdrawal of facilities.  They already have an impressive track record in this field but hope to improve upon it. It plans to focus on facilities which have been funded by members of the local community. 

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Wycombe Shaft

X marks the spot in Frogmoor where
 the Shaft will be erected,
giving magnificent aerial views
of the town
Further to the article published in the Bucks Freedom Press on 17th May, a sizeable anonymous donation has been made towards the erection of a monument dedicated to our very own local hero, Ivor Bigun. The original plan, to create a statue of the blogger from recycled rubbish, has now been extended to include a viewing tower inspired by the London Shard. At £12 per adult ticket, the View from the Shaft attraction will take in all the highlights of High Wycombe, including the Shopping Complex, the Bus Station, Desborough Avenue, the Churchyard and the High Street.

There will be a takeaway outlet in the foyer serving proper English food.

The statue itself will feature Mr Bigun reclining on  a bench next to a water feature. 

When contacted for his opinion, Clive the Pigeon said, "This is just what the town needs. People will come from miles around for the new Wycombe experience. We should all be grateful to Ivor for making our lives better. I will ask my mate @PigeonJon to Tweet
about it.

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Summer Holiday Fun 


 If you are looking for somewhere to take the kids this summer, why not pop along to Odds Farm Park at Wooburn Common? Come along to their special "Build an Ark" sessions and learn new skills including carpentry and animal husbandry. Set your little ones up for life in these uncertain days of Climate Change! Adults welcome to join in the fun.

The Farm Park is also looking for a Timber Merchant  to sponsor the project so do get in touch if you think your company can help.

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Editor's Opinion

On arriving back in soggy Buckinghamshire from my holidays, I discovered that banners had appeared all over the county, inviting me to "Join in our year of celebration". I must say that it is jolly nice of Bucks County Council to invite me to party with them but I am a bit bemused as to why, how and where? Does anyone know?

The powers that be obviously don't watch the Apprentice, or they would know that nice Sir Alan Sugar always insists his candidates don't get carried away with their marketing tasks and remember to make it clear exactly what it is they are promoting.

The banners arrived after the Jubilee so it can't be that. The Olympics? The main event is in London of course, but maybe it is referring to the Paralympics events at Stoke Mandeville? Could be. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a little more information....

Just what are the banners supposed to achieve? Most importantly, how much did it all cost? I am all for a nice bit of bunting to cheer us all up but not so keen on our money being spent on enigmatic banners which rather make me feel that I am missing out at some giant party to which I have not been officially invited. Not that I would probably go but it would be good to have a proper invitation in the first place.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Morag, you have been busy. You do make me laugh. Can't wait for a peek at the shaft when fully erect, not been to town for a while so haven't seen any new erections there. There's a company in High Wycombe, they state they always give a quality erection, I believe they are called Agile, always brought a smile to my face.Whats this with a new website, can't wait, and what with the latest from Edna, exciting times ahead.